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Once More, With Feeling

Recent Entries

11/20/07 05:35 pm - isxthisxicons - wow.

so we like ceased to exist while i was away.

well sadly i can't come back plus we weren't doing much anyways.  but i started a new posting community to post icons of all sorts to make people think and i thought i could handle that cause i dont have a shcedule to be online and such.  it's called [info]iconic_thought  and if anyone ever even comes by this old ghost town anymore and wants to post and or join go ahead. it's not competitive. 

9/13/07 06:58 am - isxthisxme - my resignation

there has been a tragedy in my family that has caused me to take a lot more responsability. this means i have no free time. consider this my resignation as coordinator for KY. willow_kat is still a maintainer and you can now look to her for guidance. thanks for the time. enjoy KY and keep it alive.

9/1/07 10:20 am - isxthisxme - Winners!

in first...

in second...

in third...

and our large graphic winner...

congrats all!

8/25/07 05:19 pm - isxthisxme - New Challenge

This challenges song is Aretha Franklin - Mr. Big StuffCollapse )

8/25/07 05:11 pm - isxthisxme - Voting!

one week of the voting!

Vote Under This Lovely TagCollapse )

8/25/07 05:09 pm - isxthisxme - three icons and one large

Large Graphic

8/24/07 08:44 am - fifthhouse - one more

Got a whisper of vacation, but I decided to do another before I took off.

8/22/07 07:32 pm - larissadawn - entries...

1 icon and 2 graphics - may do more later...

8/22/07 01:19 pm - mangofandango



More to come, hopefully.

8/20/07 09:54 pm - dylanxtra_x - Entry

Entry 2 (while I'm at it :p)

Feel free to crit, but this is just a bit of fun for me. I have no hopes to become some kinda icon master :p I just enjoy thinking of characters I like and putting them to different lines of songs :)
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